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Cannabis Industry Equipment Leasing

POSTED BY: Rhett Baylies
Looking for an equipment lease or business funding for your cannabis business?

The Merchant Doctor is proud to announce that they make things easier with equipment leasing options and credit card processing.

Card Payments For the Cannabis Industry

POSTED BY: Rhett Baylies
Cannabis businesses struggle to find a transparent way to accept credit cards - here is the solution!

Learn the only way to legally accept card payments in your Cannabis Dispensary, Delivery Service, or wholesale Cannabis business.

Free Point of Sale System.  Too Good to be True?

POSTED BY: Rhett Baylies
A Free POS (point of sale) system that will save you time and money. Isn't it time that your business stepped into the future?

Need a POS or Point of Sale system but can't afford it? Learn more about the best Free POS solution on the market.

ApplePay and Your Business

POSTED BY: Rhett Baylies
What does ApplePay mean to your business and how to accept Apple Pay payments.

It Seems Everyone is talking about ApplePay. What's the big deal and how do you accept Apple Pay Payments?

The eWallet Will Change the World

POSTED BY: Rhett Baylies
The E-Wallet Powered by NFC technology will change the way you accept credit cards.  Are you ready?

The E-Wallet Powered by NFC technology will change the payments world. Are you ready?

Mobile Marketing and Customer Loyalty Programs

POSTED BY: Rhett Baylies
Mobile Text Marketing and Customer Loyalty Programs - Get an Edge on the Competition

How to get an edge on the competition with a mobile text marketing program affordably!