Accept Credit Cards with PhoneSwipe?

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Accept credit cards with Phone Swipe 2.0 its better than ever!

The ability to accept mobile payments

has made a dynamic impact on the way we accept credit cards and the PhoneSwipe has been established as the clear leader to accept credit cards on your IPhone, iPad, iPod,  Android, or BlackBerry device.  What’s even better is that now the Phone Swipe app, online portal, and service is better than ever.  We just released Phone Swipe 2.0!  Currently available on the iTunes App Store and will be coming soon to Google Play for Android. So what’s in it for you?  Here’s the short list of new features!

1.  We have simplified the log in process that merges both the app and the Phone Swipe merchant portal (now called PhoneSwipe Inside). Now you only need one username and password, that you create, to access both the app and the online portal (if you missed the email instructions for setting up your new login credentials I have included them below).  No more confusing combinations of random case sensitive letters and numbers. Now accepting mobile payments is quicker and easier than ever before!

2.  Inventory and account settings

are now automatically synced to all of your devices so no matter which device you or your employees happen to be using all settings and inventory will be the same.  No more having to enter your inventory on every device that you want to use.  Once set up, your settings and inventory are automatically synced in the cloud for easy access no matter what catastrophe comes to your app or your device.

3.  Now you can set up individual logins

for your employees and salespeople quickly and easily at the Phone Swipe Inside portal.  This enables you to easily manage and track each individual’s cash and credit card sales without having to request that they are added to account via your service rep!

4.  As you requested we have greatly improved Phone Swipe’s real time reporting.

  Your new reporting has the ability to be customized and filter reports as well as manage your customer lists from both the app or online.  This way whether you accept credit cards for payment or cash or both you can customize reports that tell you exactly what you need to know.

5. We even added language support for our Spanish speaking clients and coming soon we will be adding more languages.

6.  We’ve also made a number of small tweaks like enhancing the user settings for tips, easier options for printing receipts, and much more.

7. In our continuing effort to stay on the top of the mobile payments world

we have also greatly enhanced the merchant portal. The online merchant portal is now more than just a place to view sales reports and access your monthly statements.  It is becoming a place to go to manage your account settings quickly and easily.  You can now:

Change your business name, address, email address and bank account

Set up additional Phone Swipe users and track their sales whether they are accepting mobile payments or cash.

Setup email alerts for things like daily sales reports or transactions that are particularly large

You can now refer your friends from the portal as long, as you are logged in, to Phone Swipe and receive $50 reward.*

You now have simple access to a complete support center for answers to all your PhoneSwipe questions.

Now more than ever the Phone Swipe with the Merchant Doctor is the most flexible way for your business to accept credit cards, manage inventory, and increase sales.  Get yours today with our simple 3 minute application! Remember the Merchant Doctor is here to work for your business whether you accept credit cards on the go, online, or in person we are here to make your business better.

How to Update Your PhoneSwipe App

To get the latest in mobile payments technology open the App Store on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and touch the “Updates” button on the bottom right of the screen. Follow the prompts from there and you’ll have an updated PhoneSwipe app in no time.

Once you have updated the app you To login to the new app you’ll be prompted for your username and password. Your username is the email address you provided when you signed up for your account. The password is the one you use to sign into the merchant portal. If you don’t remember that password or have not created one yet, simply click the “forgot password” link toward the bottom of the login screen and follow the simple instructions.

Remember if you have any issues updating your PhoneSwipe app, contact our tech support team at 1-877-387-5629. They are there to help 24/7.

Also join us to help spread the word and stay on top of the industries most important news that will effect your business.  The Merchant Doctor is on FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

*Your $50 reward will be deposited directly into your bank account via ACH as soon as both you and your referrals have processed between $150-$300

About the Author: Rhett Baylies

After over 17 years in the service industry not only as an employee but business owner and corporate manager Rhett decided to start his career in the Payment industry with the vision of providing good honest service at a fair price. Rhett now applies his years of service focused business to his daily routine and looks forward to revolutionizing the way you look at your processing statement for many years to come.

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Angela Grant
Angela Grant | May 12 2014

Does Phone Swipe have special terms for a 501c3 that uses credit cards only a couple times a year?

Rhett Baylies
Rhett Baylies | May 28 2014

Hi Angela-

Absolutely! To start with you only pay for what you use - there are no monthly, annual, set up, or hidden fees.  Also your account will be registered as a 501c3 non-profit for your tax purposes and the Merchant Doctor will give back to your organization!  The app and the first card reader are free while additional card readers are only $19.95.  To get started today simply click on this link

Remember The PhoneSwipe solution is as simple as it gets:

- Swiped Transactions 2.69%
- Keyed Transactions   3.49% and $0.19/transaction
- AMEX at the same rates!
-No Set Up Fees
-No Monthly Fees
- No Monthly Minimum Fees
-No PCI Fees
-No Contract
-The credit card reader and application are Free
-When it comes to service the Merchant Doctor is untouchable!
-It is the most secure and robust mobile payment application and card reader on the market!

We look forward to working with you!

Gabriel | September 21 2014

Can this app and POS system be used in other countries?

Rhett Baylies
Rhett Baylies | September 23 2014

Hi Gabriel - unfortunately this specific POS does not work outside the US, however, we do have other solutions that do.  Feel free to write me directly with some details about your business and where you are located and I will be happy to advise you as to what is available in your area.  Thanks for the question!
Rhett Baylies
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