Square vs The Merchant Doctor’s Phone Swipe Part 2

POSTED BY: Rhett Baylies
Need to accept credit cards on the go?  Who is better Square or Phone Swipe with the Merchant Doctor? Get the facts!

Square versus The Merchant Doctor solution, The Phone Swipe!

  In Part One of our series we completed a side by side comparison of Square and Phone Swipe from an operational point of view so in part 2 of our series we are going to look what each company has to offer that the other one does not from a functional perspective of the apps themselves so that you can make the absolute best decision as to which mobile payment service provider is best for your business to accept credit cards with.

So what does Square offer that Phone Swipe Doesn’t?

Square has recently released their mobile wallet.  Mobile wallets have started to gain rapid acceptance in the marketplace and the Square Wallet offers a way for customers to pay for goods and services without having to get out their credit card.  Their payment information is stored within the wallet and allows customers to pay hands free at merchants who are using the Square Register system.  The customers name and photo will appear on the register and payment will be accepted without having to exchange a credit card.  Additionally the Square Wallet will allow merchants to offer coupons, loyalty, and rewards programs through the wallet and the Square Register system.

What Services does the Phone Swipe have that Square does not?

While the PhoneSwipe has not yet come out with a mobile wallet option there are some distinct advantages that the Phone Swipe App has over the Square App.
- With the Phone Swipe you are able to accept payments anywhere even if you do not have cell reception or WiFi access.  With the Store and Forward feature you can accept a payment anywhere, securely store the transaction information, and then send it when you arrive at an area with reception.
- The Phone Swipe app integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks program to better help you track your finance information in real time while saving you time.
-Through the online merchant portal not only can you create custom in-depth reporting graphically represented but you can schedule those reports to be automatically sent to your email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  This way you will not have to log into the portal every time you want to track your sales.
-The Phone Swipe with the Merchant Doctor offers a referral program where you get paid for referring customers.  Taking advantage of this great program to make a little extra cash is simple:
    1.  Simply use the app on your phone or the merchant portal on your computer to enter the referrals basic information.
    2.  Your referral will receive an email with an application link
    3. Once they have filled out the application and processed $300 or more you get paid!

-The Merchant Doctor also offers a “High Volume” plan so if your business grows or already processes over $5,000/month they will set you up with the lowest advertised Interchange Plus Pricing available saving your business big money in processing fees.
-With Phone Swipe you can have an unlimited amount of card readers linked to the same account either with or without separate reporting for each.
-Phone Swipe also allows you to capture the email addresses of your customers that provides your business with valuable marketing information you can use to increase your sales.

Square and Phone Swipe will continue to battle for market domination but it seems clear that from customer service to customer reviews in the race to be the best that Phone Swipe is still the clear leader.  If you would like to get started and accept credit cards wherever you are simply visit the Merchant Doctor’s mobile site and fill out the simple 3 minute application.

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About the Author: Rhett Baylies

After over 17 years in the service industry not only as an employee but business owner and corporate manager Rhett decided to start his career in the Payment industry with the vision of providing good honest service at a fair price. Rhett now applies his years of service focused business to his daily routine and looks forward to revolutionizing the way you look at your processing statement for many years to come.

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Bhagesh Nair
Bhagesh Nair | June 04 2013

Well.. you are in for a huge competition
Good luck

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